“Caranua has shown me that things in my life can be different”


In early 2014 I made my application to Caranua. My support worker Patrick contacted me and things started to take effect. From my application being approved, Patrick my support worker kept in touch regularly, and the advice and support given to me were excellent. I made an application for various things within my home, medical, education and social.

Things started to happen mid-2014, my life started to see, where Patrick my support worker and Caranua was a new friend came into my life and things were starting to change for the better.

I started college getting educated more, I started gym feeling fit and better in health, with very poor sight been visually impaired to it been made comforable and easier with visual aids and lights. Medical, I have had dental work done and full medical health check.  My home is more accessable to safety, lighting and look forward to a more accessable bathroom to meet my needs. Without Caranua all of this could and would not have been possible.

Caranua has shown me, that things in my life can be different, with the help, encouragement, compassion, friend and professionalism of my support worker, my life is different. Its easier, better, more active and less distressful.

My immediate concern is having been dignosed with Cancer.  While this is a tough time for me, this would not have been dignosed only for my full health screening paid for by Caranua, I would not have known. In a very emotional time right now having to have an operation, I have to from my heart in one positive way as my number one, say a big thank you to Caranua for being there. Only for you Caranua I would not have known until I would have been very unwell. Caranua has been my saver. Patrick my support worker has been very professional, friendly and warm in showing me, that Caranua is a friend that’s there, there to help, to care and to give a lift in life to people like me. I am very thankful to have had Patrick has my support worker and a friend from Caranua.

Caranua and its staff has lifted dispair from survivors and given them, what has not been possible until it Caranua came along and done what it has up to now well. Its professionalism, friendlieness, hope and support to me will never be forgotton. Will be appreciated so much and my gratitude to Patrick my support worker and everyone else in Caranua well done. I hope Caranua continues to do its brillant work for Survivors and I look forward to Caranua being my friend for 2015 and beyond.

Thank you so much.

William, (49), Dublin

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