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Dear Survivors – an update on our application timelines

20th May 2019

Dear Survivors,

As you know Caranua was given a limited fund of money (the Residential Institutions Statutory Fund) to provide financial supports to survivors of institutional abuse. Caranua has almost finished its work as the fund has nearly come to an end.

The Board of Caranua has written to the Minister for Education & Skills, Mr Joe McHugh to let him know that our final date for making payments for funding supports to survivors will be in August 2019.

Caranua’s timelines and plans are based on receiving the outstanding contributions to the fund in a timely manner. We are currently working with 1,882 survivors on their applications for funding supports. To make sure we manage the fair and equal distribution of the remaining fund, we are taking a staggered approach with survivors in relation to timelines for the receipt of their paperwork and the completion process.

Our Application Advisor team are speaking with Survivors and giving them timelines for the final date for the receipt of their paperwork. Given the number of survivors with open applications this will take a number of weeks.  To try and give all survivors who are eligible a chance to access the fund we are also trying again to contact survivors with open applications who have received zero or small amounts of funding supports to encourage them to progress their application as they will need a longer timeline.

The length of the timeline given to a survivor to complete his or her application will depend on a number of things for example:

  • How long their application been open with Caranua?
  • The funding supports received to date?
  • The ability of the individual survivor to manage their application process

If you have any questions about this information please do not hesitate to contact Caranua by calling the Freephone number 1800 212 477, if you cannot get through please leave a message and one of our team will call you back.  You can also write to us at Caranua, PO Box 12477, Dublin 1.

Kind regards,

Rachel Downes, CEO

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