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We publish regular updates on applications to Caranua and this one provides information to the 31st July 2018 We have now

  • Received Part 1 applications from 6,500 applicants
  • Confirmed eligibility for 5,861 survivors
  • Number of survivors with current open applications 2,494
  • Number of survivors awaiting first time assignment 233

Current Status of Applications As at the 31st of July 2018, there were 233 survivors who are first time applicants, who are waiting to be assigned an Advisor. There are 98 people, who have already received services and who have submitted a reapplication, who are waiting to be assigned an Application Advisor. There are currently over 2,494 survivors working with an Advisor, over 2,083 are first time applicants, 411 are survivors who have made a reapplication. Following the decision to announce the cessation date, we wrote to a number of survivors who had previously been in touch with Caranua but for various reasons had not continued with their application at that time and therefore received zero or minimal funding supports, 191 survivors responded and chose to reactivate their application with Caranua.

Status Summary Subtotal
Waiting Assignment First time assignment – 233 Reactivation – 101 Reapplication – 94  
Total Waiting Assignment 427 (number will increase as eligibility is confirmed)
Nos of application received since cessation announcement First time application – 230 Reactivation – 191 Repeat – 88
Total Nos received since 31st May 2018 509
Survivors assigned to an Advisor in 2018 929 Initial – 517 Repeat 1 – 340 Repeat 2 – 56 Repeat 3 – 16
Number of Survivors with current open applications 2,494 Initial – 2083                       Repeat 1 – 374   Repeat 2 – 31      Repeat 3 – 6       
Completed Applications 4,304 Initial – 3212 Repeat 1- 944 Repeat 2 – 131 Repeat 3 – 17

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