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Governance and Compliance

This section sets out how Caranua is held accountable and allows you to view Caranua’s financial statements, information on the Board, questions from Members of the Dáil and the Customer Charter.


Decisions made by a Caranua Decision Maker can be appealed to the independent Caranua Appeals Officer appointed by the Minister for Education and Skills.

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Board Minutes

The Caranua Board first met in March 2013. Board Minutes from then and subsequent meetings can be accessed here.

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Parliamentary Questions (PQs) asked by TDs in Dáil Éireann about issues relating to Caranua are available here.

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Customer Charter

Caranua’s Customer Service Charter explains what you can expect from us. It also outlines how you can help us to help you.

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Caranua is the service name of the Residential Institutions Statutory Fund established under the Residential Institutions Statutory Fund Act, 2012.

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Our Board

The Residential Institutions Statutory Fund Act, 2012 sets out the role and functions of the Board as well as its composition, selection and length of term of Board members.

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Annual Reports

Here you can find our Annual Reports.

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Financial Statements

This section deals with the financial statements for Caranua, as audited by the Office of the Comptroller and Auditor General.

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Freedom Of Information Disclosure Log

Below you can access the non-personal FOI requests that we have dealt with since 2015. These are organised by Month.

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Non-Freedom Of Information Disclosure Log

Here you can access the non-FOI requests.

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Here you can find information related to Procurement.

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