How To Apply

This section gives you information on applying to Caranua, and what you can apply for.

Caranua Application Process

Here we present the steps in the application process. Click on each step to see more information.

Accessible Information

Caranua is committed to providing clear and accessible information. It is one of our core service standards and we want to make sure that information about our application process is widely available and easy to understand.

What can I apply for?

Our application process will be focused on what your needs are, and how you want them to be met. There are three main categories: Health and Wellbeing; Housing Support; and Education, Learning and Development

How do I make an Application?

We began accepting applications on the January 6th 2014. To be eligible to apply, you must have spent time in an institution as a child, and received an award through settlement, Court or the Residential Institutions Redress Board in relation to your time in an institution.

Applicants Experiences

Survivors who have completed the application process with Caranua, detail their experiences in this section. As you will see from the individual ‘experiences’, some people choose to give some details about who they are, for example their name and their age, but others prefer to remain anonymous. However, all of the words are from the survivors. We will post more ‘experiences’ here on a regular basis.

FAQs on the application process

Click on the below link for the Frequently Asked Questions Section

If you are applying from Ireland

Information for those who wish to apply for our services from Ireland.

If you are applying from the United Kingdom

Information for those who wish to apply for our services from the United Kingdom.

If you are applying from outside of Ireland and the United Kingdom

This page provides information for those who wish to apply for our services from outside of Ireland and the United Kingdom.

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