What can I apply for?

Our application process will be focused on what your needs are, and how you want them to be met. There are three main categories: Health and Wellbeing; Housing Support; and Education, Learning and Development

While our application process is focussed on your needs, we have to be fair to all our applicants and must apply criteria. The Board of Caranua sets the approved services and the criteria for applying for them. In doing this, the Board takes account of the legislation, the needs of survivors and what services will best improve wellbeing.

Before you make an application for services, you will be appointed an Application Advisor who will talk directly to you about what services you can apply for. They will also provide any help you need in making an application, including dealing with public bodies to get services for you, and arranging and paying for any necessary professional recommendations or additional services.

You can download information booklets here that provide more detailed information and guidelines on making an application.

There are three different booklets, depending on where you live, which can be downloaded below.

You may also find our Frequently Asked Questions section useful.

Applying for Services – Everything you need to know about applying for support from Caranua

You can download the standard version of the ‘Applying for Services – Everything you need to know about applying for support from Caranua’ booklet here.

Useful Downloads

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