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How to Apply

Caranua Application Process

Here we present the steps in the application process. Click on each step to see more information.

If you are concerned about any step in the application process or are unsure about what to do, please contact us. Click here for contact information.

Step 1
Make your Part 1 application and verify who you are
  1. Fill in the Part 1 Application form. You can get further information on this here

  2. We will use the details you give us in the Part 1 form to verify that you are eligible to apply to us. To be eligible to apply, you must have spent time in an institution as a child, and received an award through settlement, Court or the Residential Institutions Redress Board in relation to your time in an institution.

  3. When we receive your form we will contact you within ten working days to let you know if you are eligible, or if we need more information.

  4. We also need to establish your identity to make sure that no one else is making an application in your name. You can send us in your identification documents with the Part 1 form if you like, or after you are verified as eligible we will contact you and ask for them.

  5. We need two types of identification documents. You do not need to send us the original document, a copy is fine.

    • a. One document must show where you live. For example, you could send us a bill with your name and address on it.

    • b. The other document must have your photo on it. For example, you could send us a copy of your passport, or your bus pass.

  6. When you send us your identification documents we will contact you within ten working days to tell you if they are ok, or to ask for more information.

Step 2
Apply for services

NOTE: This is the process for people applying after 1st June 2016. If you received an Application Form Part 2 before 1st June 2016, please return your form as soon as possible.

  1. Once we have verified your identification documents we will send you the Applying for Services booklet, the Application Form Part 2, and our Customer Charter.

  2. There are two ways to make an application

    Option 1: An Advisor will contact you by phone to take your application. You do not need to send us back the Application Form Part 2.

    Option 2: Complete the Application Form Part 2 yourself and send it back to us if you don’t want to go through an Advisor.

Option 1: Making an application with a Caranua Advisor

When we send you the application pack, we will tell you when an Advisor will contact you. You just need to wait until this happens and the Advisor will help you make your application.

Option 2: Making an application by yourself

If you wish to make an application yourself, without talking to an Advisor, you should read Applying for Services: Everything you need to know about applying for support from Caranua so that you understand what you need to do

Step 3
Assessing, deciding and completing your application
  1. Whether you send your application directly yourself or you make an application through an Advisor, it will be assessed by an Advisor. This assessment is based on your needs.

  2. The checklist the Advisor uses to assess the application is in the Applying for Services booklet.

  3. When the Advisor has completed the assessment of your application, he or she will make a recommendation to the Deciding Officer.

  4. The Deciding Officer will consider the recommendation and approve or not approve payments.

  5. Your Advisor will let you know what the decision is.

  6. If any of the items that you have applied for are not approved, you will receive this information in writing, together with information on how to appeal against the decision.

  7. When a final decision is made on your applications, it will be complete.

  8. Once your application is complete, it will not be possible to make any further applications.

Step 4
Making Payments
  1. When your Advisor is discussing what has been approved, they will also discuss payment options and agree the most appropriate arrangement with you.

  2. We can pay by cheque or bank transfer.

  3. To make a payment, we need the name, address and bank account number of the person we are to pay to.

  4. Cheques are issued by a third party. No one need know that you received assistance from Caranua if paying by cheque.

  5. Payments are quicker using bank transfer. If you wish to receive payment by bank transfer, we will need your bank details.