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23 Oct 2017
€66.2 million spent on services for survivors

We publish regular updates on applications to Caranua and this one provides information to the end of September 2017

We have now:

• Received Part 1 applications from 6,024 people.

• Paid out over €66.2 million.

How many people can apply?

To be eligible to apply to Caranua, a person must have spent time in an institution as a child, and received an award through settlement, Court or the Residential Institutions Redress Board. An estimated 15,000 people received such awards and may be eligible to apply to us. Our Application Form Part 1 allows us to check whether someone can apply. Once we receive the form, we usually do this in ten working days. 

To the end of September 2017, we have:

• Received 6,024 Part 1 Applications; and 

• Verified the eligibility and identity of 5,438 people 

• Made 38,056 payments to 4,886 people

• Completed 2,592 applications 

How much money has been spent?

To the end of September 2017 we had spent €66.2 million on services as follows: 

• Housing: €46.6 million

• Health and wellbeing: €18.1 million  

• Education: €1.4 million


• Exceptional needs: €168,000