Who We Are

This section gives an overview of Caranua as an organisation and will help you to better understand how we were set up, and who the people behind Caranua are.

Who We Are

Caranua is an independent State Body set up to help people who, as children, experienced abuse in residential institutions in Ireland and have received settlements, Redress Board or Court awards.

Our Staff

Here is the Management and Pay and Grading Structures of Caranua

Contact Us

You can contact us by phone, email or post. Our office hours are 9.30am to 5pm, Monday to Friday.

Feedback and Complaints

Your comments, suggestions, concerns and complaints are all feedback. We have a separate Complaints Form if you wish to make a formal complaint that we must respond to.

Governance and Compliance

This section sets out how Caranua is held accountable and allows you to view Caranua’s financial statements, information on the Board, questions from Members of the Dáil and the Customer Charter.

Frequently Asked Questions

Some questions about how Caranua was set up, and how the Fund is being administered, are answered here.

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