The Freedom of Information Act gives you a right to see any personal information about you that is held by a public body (such as Caranua), to correct it if it’s not accurate, and to know the reasons for any decisions made about you. Our FOI Publication Scheme is below. Each section leads to links to the relevant information on our website.

Freedom of Information laws also allow public access to information held by public that is not normally available or published.

Under the Freedom of Information Act you can:

  • access records held by Caranua
  • have personal information changed where the information is incomplete, incorrect or misleading
  • get reasons for decisions taken by Caranua that affect you.
Freedom of Information (FOI) Publication Scheme

Section 8 of the Freedom of Information Act 2014, requires Caranua to publish as much information as possible in an open and accessible manner on a routine basis outside of FOI. We are committed to making information available as part of our normal business activities.

Our FOI Publication Scheme is shown at the top of this page. Each section leads to links to the relevant information on our website. If the information you require cannot be found here, you should contact us to let us know.

How can I make a request for information?

If you cannot find the information that you are looking for on our website or if you would like to see the personal information that Caranua holds on you, you can make a request for information. We will supply this to you on request, free of charge.

To get this information, you can phone and ask your Advisor or some other member of staff, or you can email us at or write to PO Box 12477 Dublin 1.

When you make your request for information, please make it clear what information you want. Also, if you have any particular communication needs – for example, sight or hearing problems – please let us know.

We may ask for proof of identity before we give out the information.

How can I make a request under Freedom of Information?

A request using Freedom of Information must be in writing – either email or letter. You can email to or post to PO Box 12477 Dublin 1.

When making an FOI request you should state that you are making your request under the FOI Act. You should make it clear what information you are looking for, how you would like to receive the information, and if you need any help in making the request.

If the information you are looking for is general – for example, about the way Caranua runs its business – then there may be a charge

You should make your request in writing to:

Freedom of Information Unit
PO Box 12477
Dublin 1

or by e-mail to:

If you wish you can use the Caranua’s standard FOI Application Form to make your request.

If you have a specific question on making an FOI request to Caranua, please visit our Freedom of Information Frequently Asked Questions FAQs.

For more information on Freedom of Information including the text of the FOI Acts, please visit the FOI Central Policy Unit website at

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