Applicants Experiences

Survivors who have completed the application process with Caranua, detail their experiences in this section. As you will see from the individual ‘experiences’, some people choose to give some details about who they are, for example their name and their age, but others prefer to remain anonymous. However, all of the words are from the survivors. We will post more ‘experiences’ here on a regular basis.

Improvements to how our Advisor Team works

Following feedback from Survivors, we have changed our internal processes to improve our contacts with Survivors, while ensuring we continue to provide a responsive, person-centred and professional service. From Monday 11th February 2019, when a Survivor contacts...

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“I feel indulged and spoiled and important”

“I wish to thank Caranua for the assistance I have received from the fund. All of my dealings with your staff have been positive, user friendly, professional, compassionate and fair. "I have had two requests turned down, and many requests have been allowed. But then...

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