“I feel indulged and spoiled and important”


“I wish to thank Caranua for the assistance I have received from the fund. All of my dealings with your staff have been positive, user friendly, professional, compassionate and fair.

“I have had two requests turned down, and many requests have been allowed. But then the criteria was applied, and even for the items turned down, I was happy. I have to say, your rules make the fund approachable and accessible for all the clients.

“Thanks to Caranua’s funding, I am attending a third level course. I had my teeth checked and am about to begin long needed treatment. I have had a full medical check-up. I got new locks put in my doors and my windows repaired. I got my eyes checked and have new glasses and a few other items.

“Had I got money, it would have been spent on my children. That is what many of us did with our money from the compensation we got. I never used a cent on myself as long as one of them needed money for education or hobbies or dentists or clothes. This time, it is my turn. I feel indulged and spoiled and important. Some emotions that would have been alien to me when I was in the industrial school.

“Thank you so much Caranua!”

Name withheld