Improvements to how our Advisor Team works


Following feedback from Survivors, we have changed our internal processes to improve our contacts with Survivors, while ensuring we continue to provide a responsive, person-centred and professional service. From Monday 11th February 2019, when a Survivor contacts Caranua they will now have a team of Application Advisors available to work with them on their application.

This will mean that when a Survivor contacts Caranua there should always be an Application Advisor available to speak to them about their application. In the small possibility that the Application Advisors are all on calls at the same time, the Survivor will get a call back within 24 hours.  This improvement will ensure that we support as many survivors as possible as we prepare for the winddown of Caranua services to survivors in mid-2019 (date to be confirmed as soon as possible).

This week, our Application Advisors will be aiming to speak to as many Survivors with open applications as possible to inform them of this change.

If you want to submit feedback in relation to these changes please email with as much information as possible so we can review and adjust this process if necessary.