“I would urge all those eligible to apply right away, and enjoy the benefits”


“I live in Australia. My experience with Caranua has been very positive. The application process took quite a bit of time, but once I was assigned an Advisor, my needs were addressed promptly in a courteous and professional manner.

“Despite the time difference, my Advisor always phoned me at a time convenient to me, and was very helpful and warm in discussing my situation.

“My immediate concern was assistance with medical bills, and Caranua supported this. I am free to choose my own practitioner, pay the bill myself, and then get it refunded from Caranua. This means that I do not have to explain to others how and why I am getting assistance, which is very important for my privacy and dignity.

“While my major concern at first was to obtain assistance with my medical costs, with my Advisor’s assistance I applied for funding to do a weekend craft course, a cooking class, and a sewing course. I really enjoy the sewing course, and I now attend a sewing group once a week. I have made lots of friends, from different walks of life and different countries, and we have great fun while advancing our skills. We also sew items for children in care. I was supported to purchase the sewing machine and materials I needed. Without the funding from Caranua, I would not have joined this group or learned this new skill.

“In the near future I will be undertaking some home improvement, with funding from Caranua. Again, I was able to get quotations myself, and choose my preferred supplier, and I look forward to having the work completed in time for Christmas. So the day to day quality of life has been improved, thanks to assistance from the Caranua Fund. I would urge all those eligible to apply right away, and enjoy the benefits that they can access.”

M. (age 60) Australia