“I sincerely look forward to a new era for Survivors where gaps in services can now be addressed in a more open inclusive and progressive way”


I decided to post this feed back as sometimes it’s easier to offer complaints, and forget to recognise when things are good; take the time and effort to acknowledge the good work done by Caranua and their staff.

Like most of us, I had my reservations and like most of us had a lot of preconceived ideas about things, and also expectations and was ready to have a go if they were not met 😉 But now months down the line I have to say how impressed I am with Caranua.

Sure they had some teething problems like any new set up.  My experience is that they are really trying hard and sometimes they get it wrong and then try to put it right, so constantly evolving…  doing something that was never done before, with limited staff etc.

All in all, I feel they are doing a fab job. Working long hours and of course things are not perfect and sure continue to face challenges, but don’t we all.

In particular so heartened with the level of professionalism, kindness, response, openness and readiness to learn and grow in the interest of Survivors, which is such a welcome and refreshing change.

My advisor in particular Karen O Boyle , personifies compassion, openness and above all encompasses a person centred approach whilst maintaining a professional and supportive attitude.

She has been instrumental in supporting me to think about myself (which I can tell you is not easy) part of my coping strategies- taking care of others;) Karen’s positive attitude and empathetic support has enabled me to do this and to start to get my head around that I also have to take care of myself,  – I too have needs- which is so important.

I would personally like to thank her for this as finally now having my teeth sorted which I avoided for years,  having developed serious gum disease  due to bad diet in childhood and lots of  stress,  which meant if I did not deal with it, I would end up losing my teeth.

So prevention is key, saving my teeth to avoid other associated problems in years to come. Having access to a gym and taking part in group activities like Zumba, are a terrific for me mentally and also physically.

I am also aware of many Survivors who have all received a huge amount of support and accessing services in a kind and compassionate and well intentioned manner.

I feel we need to get this message out there more, so that more will come forward, sure you may encounter problems like in any situation, but persevere as it is about us getting our needs met,  and not losing out.

If we can also just keep in mind, Caranua is not a faceless  organisation, but is run by committed hard working staff; from the CEO and all the team working behind the scenes who come in day in day out, to try to ensure we are accessing services for the benefit our health and well wellbeing.

I sincerely look forward to a new era for Survivors where gaps in services can now be addressed in a more open, inclusive and progressive way.