“My Advisor was always helpful and willing to put all her efforts and exhaust all avenues to help me qualify for application”


I would to thank Caranua for their wonderful help in regarding my educational fees while studying for my exams in college. While I was studying for my exams I received one-to-one tuition at my home. The one-one tuition played a crucial role in me passing exams.

 This has really helped me pursuing my career in IT and giving me the confidence to put the skills that I’ve learned into practice at my place of employment. Natalya is my Application Advisor at Caranua, and I have to say there was never a problem when I emailed Natalya. She was always helpful and willing to put all her efforts and exhaust all avenues to help me qualify for applications. In fact, Natalya would always take the time and call me on my phone to make sure everything was going well.

I’m really satisfied with all the help I’ve received from Caranua and I would strongly encourage people that, if you want the most from this, use it for educational purposes. When I conduct all of my exams this year, I’ve been told by my employer that if all my exams are passed, they’ll offer me a pay rise and a higher position within the company.

As you are aware studying and working can become very stressful and Natalya advised me to take up a fitness course as this will help you release all that stress from your head. Again Natalya was spot with that advice, and Caranua also gave me a grant towards my fitness club. 

Please when you’re studying for college make the most of all your health grants as your health will play a major role in helping you achieve your goals. If you need any advice please do not hesitate to contact Caranua for my email address and I’ll gladly be willing to help you.

Thank you to all the staff at Caranua and for your wonderful advice and pleasant manners via emails or phones.  

Best wishes to everyone and the best of luck with your future.


Anonymous (age 39), Dublin

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