“Trust me survivors place your trust as I have and did in this outstanding Caranua and its officials”


To all Survivors contacting Caranua: As a Survivor I want to express from my heart my deepest appreciations and thanks to all the people working at Caranua who are there to help and support survivors of the orphanages and industrial schools.

As a Survivor I sought help from Caranua for many urgent situations I needed to make my life comfortable under their scheme.

From the first moment I spoke with my liaison appointed officer, I was treated with great compassion, respect and dignity, and with on their part, the sole purpose of helping me as a survivor.

As the weeks passed, for the first time in my life as a survivor Caranua gave me the will and confidence to believe in myself. Their sole purpose is to help survivors, not judge them, to listen and to care.

I urge all survivors, as a survivor myself, please make contact with Caranua, they will listen with respect and compassion.

I understand that for survivors it is, as was in my case, difficult because of our childhoods to trust, but trust me survivors, place your trust as I have and did, in this outstanding Caranua, and its officials, they will make a massive difference to you and your families. You as survivors and your families deserve the best help and support. Caranua is there to help you, pick up the phone to them, write to them, they will help you, not judge you.

With very best wishes for the future.