“My experience with Caranua has been very positive”


“My experience with Caranua has been very positive. I am very grateful for it and I have come to regard it as the English version of its name –‘a new friend’. This new friend has made a profound improvement to my health, my home and my lifestyle.

Natalya outlined in detail all the services I could avail of. I was delighted with the health assistance because I do not have a medical card. In the past I found it too expensive to see after my health. As another person mentioned, I would prefer to spend what I had on my children. With Caranua to fund my appointments, I now have reading glasses, arch support insoles, the promise of a few fillings and am awaiting an appointment with a rheumatologist to control back problems which were annoying me for years.

Natalya also outlined housing support and I am delighted to be getting home improvements, for example, I was able to get single glazed units upgraded to double glazing in my kitchen which means I will be spending less on oil and electricity to heat the house. I am currently studying an online course and I find it stimulating and the great advantage is that I can study at my own pace and in my own time. This has opened up a whole new area of interest to me and I look forward to continuing with it into the future.

As I said in the beginning, I am very grateful and I would like to thank Natalya especially for her professionalism, her empathy and her work on my behalf in getting the assistance from Caranua.


Sheila, Cork