“I have had a very positive experience in dealing with Caranua”


I have had a very positive experience in dealing with Caranua. During the year I have made quite a few applications and my Applications Advisor Patrick was always very helpful and courteous. He explained what services I could apply for and how to go about it to make sure my application would be accepted.

I first applied to have a house alarm fitted as I always wanted one but couldn’t afford it. My application was dealt with quickly. I had a garden clean up done and had new windows and doors installed.

I also applied for membership to a local leisure club and again  my application was dealt with quickly. I have been a member of the club since August last year and have huge health benefits from swimming 3-4 days a week and the gym now and again.

My house is 35 years old and the insulation needed upgrading before the winter came. I sent in an application for insulation and now have a lovely warm house even on the coldest of nights.

I was delighted to get these jobs done in my home because without being funded by Caranua we could not have afforded to have the work done.

My brother lives in the Canary Islands and cannot benefit for work to his house but he made an application for a hearing aid and glasses and was very happy with how his application was dealt with. He was delighted being able to hear what people are saying again and he turns it off when he gets tired of listening


Mairéad (65), CillDara