“Initially we were a little apprehensive about what lay ahead with this new organisation, but we need not have worried”


I’m just writing to tell you and all involved in Caranua, how very grateful we are to all of you, but especially you Patrick as you have been assigned my husband Danny’s Advisor. From the very first phone call to this very day, everything we have asked – to make life more comfortable for Danny – has been granted without question.

Initially we were a little apprehensive about what lay ahead with this new organisation, but we need not have worried. Patrick is the most caring, helpful and totally truthful person we could have had as our Advisor. We appreciate every single thing that has been done for us in the past year, and while the kindness we received may not seem much to some people, life is immeasurably easier for Danny and myself. I could ramble on all day about how we have benefited from Caranua, and I still could say more.

Just to let anyone know who may be a little dubious about contacting this wonderful organisation, don’t be one bit afraid to get in touch. I firmly believe you will have the very same lovely experience that we have had.

May God Bless you Patrick and all your colleagues in Caranua.          


Danny and Marian, Monaghan