“Patrick and the great team at Caranua can do for you as it has done for me – get in touch it will change your life too”


You may find it hard to get in contact with Caranua but let me put your mind at ease, it was one of the best moves of my life because I got to know one of the best human beings in my life, Patrick Cleary. He is the best Advisor in the world, and has changed my life so much.

I wake up at night and pinch myself to think I got to know one of the finest men in the world – so full of understanding and care, so helpful I am lost for words. He took me from the dark into the light and for the first time in my life I got to trust someone like Patrick, with my life and my past. He is so trustful I can tell him anything in full confidence. Theres only one Patrick Cleary and he alone has made me so thankful. I could not talk to anyone else that’s the new life he has given me. Patrick and the great team at Caranua can do for you as it has done for me. Get in touch it will change your life too.

If I could write a book about Patrick Cleary it would be Patrick Cleary the legend. This man is way ahead of his time, not to forget the great and fantastic team he works with. You can’t go wrong and won’t go wrong, so please get in contact it will be a new life for you. Trust me this is the first time I have written in fifty years, so that says a lot about Patrick and his great team. And if I could, I would have Patrick and the great team running Caranua, they are the relay team. I would be lost without Patrick and his wonderful team at Caranua. So once again get in touch you won’t regret it. Thanks Patrick and all the gang at Caranua.

Thomas, Co. Galway

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