What We Can Do

We aim to improve the wellbeing of survivors. Wellbeing is about being physically and mentally well, being socially active, connected and self-fulfilled. If you are a survivor, we offer you a dedicated service to make sure that you get services and other opportunities to improve your wellbeing.

We will make public services more responsive to you. We will do this by advising you on your rights and options, and helping you to decide what it is that you need. We will also advocate for you and act as a broker with public services to make sure that services fit your needs. Where this is not possible, we will arrange for services to be delivered to you and will pay for those services.

What services can we pay for?

In general we will only pay for services that are not readily available to you from public bodies like local authorities and the HSE. We are here to add to services that are already available, not to replace them. Examples of what we can do are outlined in the following statements:

  • We can arrange for comprehensive assessments of needs, Information and guidelines for making an application and for the delivery of care and other services to meet those needs
  • We can arrange for, and pay for, necessary medical consultations, screening or treatments not readily available through public services
  • We can pay for better quality hearing aids or glasses than those you can get from the HSE
  • We can pay for extra home help hours for you
  • We can help pay for necessary improvements to your home
  • We can pay for education, for social activities and for local travel to treatment or social activities.
Are there things we cannot pay for?

Yes, we cannot pay for services, activities or courses that:

  • Are readily available to you from a public provider
  • Have already been completed before you apply to us
  • Are provided by bodies that are not qualified and accredited
  • Are ongoing expenses such as rent or mortgages – or arrears of these
  • Have not been recommended by a professional like a doctor, dentist or therapist where this is required.