Who We Are

Caranua is an independent State Body set up to help people who, as children, experienced abuse in residential institutions in Ireland and have received settlements, Redress Board or Court awards.

What do we do?

We offer support, information, advice and advocacy to survivors.  We help them to get the services they are entitled to as citizens and improve access to those services.  We can pay for services so that they have the supports they need and can give grants to individuals to source services themselves.

We will also work to build awareness of the effects of institutional abuse and in Ireland will work public services to improve their capacity to understand, recognise and address the particular needs of survivors arising from their adverse childhood experiences.

How can we help?

The needs of individual survivors will be at the heart of everything we do.  The help we provide will depend on the needs and circumstances of each individual but the areas we can help with are:

Health and Medical services

GP, dental treatment, chiropody, physiotherapy, occupational therapy, hearing aids, glasses, walking aids, wheelchairs, nursing care, home care

Personal Well-being

Counselling, psychological and psychiatric services, complementary therapies, help with addiction


Insulation, extensions, adaptations, aids (ramps, rails), tenancy support, home help


Formal education courses leading to qualifications, life skills, other short courses

Who is eligible?

People who received awards through settlements, courts or the Redress Board. We are unable to help family members or people who did not receive awards.

We cannot consider applications from people who are not eligible.

How to apply for our help

Applications can be made online or by post. We will provide information and advice about making an application.  To make an application please click here.


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