“Advice on things which were most beneficial to me was really great”


“I send my heartfelt thanks to all at Caranua, who have shown such respect to me, and also for the speed in processing my application and funding same.

“Advice on things which were most beneficial to me was really great. With the aid and expert advice of my contact I was able to access added benefits to health housing, heating, outdoor and garden repairs, which were not previously available to me.”

“Caranua also were of great help in providing me with help in further education, which has enabled me to fulfil my lifelong ambition, i.e. to write about my lifetime experiences. May I give my thanks to my contact, whose help and moral support has been great. May you all continue with your great work for and on behalf of Survivors. In truth this is but a small portion of my sincere gratitude to you all at Caranua.”

Jack (age 82) Kilkenny

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