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Caranua Board minutes 17 September 2015

These are the Board Meeting minutes from 17 September 2015

We are happy to publish the minutes of our Board meetings so that Board activities and decisions are accountable. There is always a delay between the meeting held and the publication of the minutes.  This is because the minutes must be approved before they can be published.  Minutes are approved at the meeting after the meeting they are a record off.  For example, if a Board meeting is held in March and the next meeting is held in April, the minutes of the March meeting will not be on the website until after the April meeting. 


David O’Callaghan (Chair), Austin Currie, Rosemary Adaser, Frances Harrington. Damian Casey, Katherine Finn


Phyllis Morgan, David Lane, Tom Daly

In attendance:          

Mary Higgins, Lucy Kenny


Item Discussion Action Time
1. Apologies


Apologies received from David Lane, Tom Daly and Phyllis Morgan.    
2. Minutes


The minutes of 29th July were adopted, proposed by Frances Harrington and seconded by Rosemary Adaser, subject to two minor amendments.     
3. Action points arising from last meeting iPads were provided for Rosemary Adaser and Frances Harrington for use on Caranua business.    
4. Report on Applications The report was considered by the Board and the expenditure of over €31 million was noted.  It was agreed that the rate of processing applications and waiting times was heading in the right direction.   





5. CEO work report


The CEO reported that the Guidelines were in the process of review, so that they fit with the new system for applications.  It was agreed that, once complete, they should be circulated to members of the Board for information. 


It was agreed that the Board would consider proposals on the criteria at its next meeting and that this would then be provided to the Minister. 


The CEO reported that work was continuing on securing an enhanced medical card but that there was no response yet from the HSE.

It was agreed to hold an outreach event in London on 21st November and to also hold an “update” meeting for support and welfare groups, and to hold the next Board meeting in London too.

The proposal on the external evaluation was agreed, subject to a clearer plan and costings to be provided at the next meeting.  It was agreed that there would be a qualitative aspect to the external evaluation which would provide evidence of impact. 

A staffing structure, as recommended by Mazars, has been submitted to the DES. 

It was agreed that the Mazars implementation plan Board sub committee should meet with Mazars to finalise the project plan.


Revised Guidelines to be circulated to Board when complete


Criteria to be considered at next meeting




Date set for outreach event in London in November

Costings to be presented at next meeting




Sub committee to meet Mazars

Early Oct




20 Nov





21 Nov



20 Nov







6. Report of Audit and Risk Sub-committee Damian reported on a meeting with the fund investors in the NTMA attended by him and the Chair.  Advice is that markets are offering negative rates of interest currently.  During 2013 and 2014 the Fund was invested securely at low but positive interest.  For the for seeable future the Fund is invested securely at 0% return and no risk.


The A&R committee will continue to manage the fund with the NTMA advisors in the best interest of the Fund.


The annual accounts 2014 were approved by the Board.  These will be draft until the C&AG finalises its audit.


The internal audit service to be provided Capita will commence in early November. 


Investment to continue as is








Annual accounts approved

7. Annual Report


The final version of the Annual Report has been sent to the DES but it has yet to present it to Government for approval.  Report to be published once approved by Government.  
8.  Tenders and contracts 


There were three contracts in this period and these were noted by the Board. 


9 .Correspondence and PQ


There were no PQs since the Dail has been in recess.


Other correspondence was noted by the Board.  A reply will be sent to the Inner City Survivor Group.  The CEO has prepared a response to correspondence from DES and a meeting will be held with the Chair, the CEO and the Secretary General. 

9. Meeting with Whispering Hope Following the meeting, representatives of Whispering Hope made a presentation to the Board.   




 12.  Next meeting  Friday 20th November.