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Caranua Board minutes 9th February 2017

These are the Board minutes from 9th February 2017

We are happy to publish the minutes of our Board meetings so that Board activities and decisions are accountable. There is always a delay between the meeting held and the publication of the minutes.  This is because the minutes must be approved before they can be published.  Minutes are approved at the meeting after the meeting they are a record off.  For example, if a Board meeting is held in March and the next meeting is held in April, the minutes of the March meeting will not be on the website until after the April meeting.


David O’Callaghan, Rosemary Adaser, Damian Casey (items 1 to 6), Austin Currie, Katherine Finn, Frances Harrington, David Lane, Phyllis Morgan.


Tom Daly

In attendance:             

Mary Higgins, Sinead Fennell, David Yeomans (Secretary), Rachel Downes.






1.     Minutes



The draft minutes of the meeting held on 15th December 2016 were approved, subject to amendment of the wording in 5(c) as proposed by Austin Currie and seconded by Rosemarie Adaser.



2.     Report on action points arising from last meeting


The report was noted with all items being on the agenda for this meeting or completed.



3.     Matters arising not on the Agenda or in CEO Report

The Board were informed by the Head of Administration of feedback from many applicants that the new FAQ leaflet was causing them some confusion and it was agreed that, as the purpose of FAQ is to assist applicants, that if an amendment is needed that it be brought to the next meeting.

In a subsequent discussion on an item of feedback from an unnamed applicant received by a Board member, it was re-iterated that the Board meeting is not the forum to raise these and that the Board member should refer the matter to the Executive for response.

The final Strategic Plan 2017-2019, incorporating comments received from Board members, was approved.

Suggested amendment to new FAQ leaflet





 Strategic Plan 2017-2019 approved

Next Meeting

4.     Report on applications

·         The report to the end of November was noted with the Director of Services highlighting that significant progress had been made in shortening the length of time that applicants are awaiting an assessment. A breakdown of the applications on hand by month received was distributed to the Board.

·         The Board requested a further presentational amendment to the expenditure reports.




Overall totals to be included in the report




Next Meeting

5.     Report of the Executive

·         The Board received a short presentation on the overall Financial position of the Fund with projections for the period 2017-2019, noting that more detailed analysis will be done for the Audit & Risk Committee.

·         The Board noted the filling of the remaining vacancies in Advisor positions and welcomed Sinead Fennell as maternity leave replacement for the Head of Communications & Outreach role. The Board were informed that a number of posts would be due for renewal in 2017 and that redundancy entitlements would apply if not renewed.

·         The Board noted that the OPW had clarified that the rent on the new premises would be subject to VAT at 23% and delegated the signing of the lease to the Chair and CEO, subject to final approval from the Department.

·         The Board noted that procurement advice has been received that panels for certain health related services for survivors will be established with the assistance of an external supplier.

·         The Board further considered the implications of the advance funding of funeral costs and agreed that there is a need for a contract to be in place. Pending finalisation of the form of such a contract, the Board placed a temporary hold on payments, with the proviso that an application would be honoured in the event of the passing of the applicant in the meantime.

·         The Board received the draft Annual Report for 2016, noting that it had to be finalised by 31st March before it is laid before the Oireachtas. Board members were requested to feed comments to the CEO before 1st March 2017.

·         The Board was informed that the new Performance Delivery Agreement is still to be issued by the Department of Education & Skills.

·         The Chair informed the Board that he would be meeting with the Public Appointments Service to finalise criteria to be used in the selection of candidates to fill the vacancies that will arise from the expiration of the current terms of office on 23rd March 2017. It is expected that the vacancies will be advertised shortly thereafter.







The Board delegated the signing of the lease on the new premises to Chair and CEO




Agreed that Contract re Funeral Costs to be put in place and temporary hold on payments


Comments on draft Annual Report 2016















Next meeting





1 Mar 2017

6.     Finance & Risk Matters

·         The Minutes of the last meeting of the Audit & Risk Committee on 3rd February 2017 was circulated and an oral report provided by the Chair of the Committee. The main items referred to were (i) the oversight of the implementation of recommendations arising from audits conducted by the C&AG and the Internal Audit function; (ii) a Governance session for the incoming Board with Internal Audit in attendance and (iii) further work on the Corporate Risk Register.

The Meeting was adjourned for lunch and Damian Casey left the meeting.



7.     For Information

·         The Board approved the list of administration contracts circulated at the meeting.

·         The Board noted the detailed PQs and responses as included in the papers.

Members of the Executive team, with the exception of the Secretary, left the meeting.

List of Admin Contracts approved


8.     Governance Matters

·         The Secretary circulated the summary of the responses received form each member’s Board’s Self-Assessment Questionnaire and referred to the Code’s Guidance that a discussion would be led by the Chair on the key issues, focussing on areas where improvement is required or where there is a wider variation in responses. It was agreed that the Chair and Secretary would meet before the next meeting on the issues raised so as to provide context for the incoming Board.

Secretary and Chair to meet on issues raised

In advance of next meeting.

9.     Next Meeting

·         The next meeting of the Board is to be held on 23rd March 2017.

The meeting concluded at 15:00