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Caranua meets services in Dublin and London

As part of our programme of outreach and engagement with services working with survivors in Ireland and the UK, we held meetings last week. The meetings allowed us to provide an update on our recent activities and to hear about the experiences of the services in assisting survivors with applications to Caranua and for us to also hear an update from each group.

The areas that were discussed during the meeting were:

  • Caranua’s current work
  • Outreach and Engagement
  • Survivor Support Groups and Counselling Services current work
  • Caranua Customer Service Charter
  • General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)

The following Irish based organisations were invited to attend the meeting held in Caranua on Wednesday 16th May 2018:

  • Alliance Support Group
  • Barnardos Origins
  • Christine Buckley Centre for Education and Support, Aislinn Centre
  • Connect Counselling
  • ICAP
  • National Counselling Service
  • One in Four
  • Reclaiming Self
  • Right of Place Second Chance
  • Towards Healing

The following UK based organisations were invited to attend the meeting held in the Irish Embassy in London on Thursday 17th May 2018:

  • Birmingham Irish Association
  • Blooming Survivors
  • Compassion Matters
  • Coventry Irish Association
  • Disabled Survivors Support Network
  • ICAP
  • Irish Chaplaincy in Britain
  • Irish in Britain
  • Irish Women Survivors Support Network
  • Leeds Irish Health & Homes
  • Links Outreach
  • London Irish Centre
  • Mind Yourself UK

Many thanks again to all those who attended the meetings and to the staff in the Irish Embassy in London for facilitating our meeting.