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Caranua meets services in Dublin and London

As part of its programme of engagement with services working with survivors in Ireland and the UK, Caranua has held meetings over the last number of weeks.

These meetings allow us to provide an update on our recent activities and to hear about the experiences of the services in assisting people with applications to Caranua.

A particular focus during these meetings was to get views on the upcoming review of the implementation of the new criteria, introduced in June 2016.

In June a meeting was held with the survivor counselling services and one to one meetings were held with:

  • Aislinn Education Centre;
  • Alliance Victim Support Group; and
  • Right of Place.

A follow up meeting with the groups was held on Friday 7th July, attendees included:

  • Aislinn Education Centre;
  • Alliance Victim Support Group;
  • Barnardos Origins;and
  • Right of Place.

A meeting of UK based groups was held on Thursday 6th July in the Irish Embassy in London, attendees included:

  • Compassion Matters
  • ICAP
  • Irish Centre Birmingham
  • Irish Chaplaincy in Britain
  • Irish in Britain
  • London Irish Centre
  • Mind Yourself UK
  • Whispering Hope Centre

One to one meetings were also held with:

  • Compassion Matters;
  • Irish in Britain; and
  • The Irish Chaplaincy.

The Caranua strategic plan 2017-2019 was also discussed during these meetings. This plan provides for improvements in the quality of our own services to survivors; for improved understanding and capacity among other services to recognise and respond to the needs of survivors; and for the effective use of the Fund and wind down of the organisation.   Click here to see the strategic plan: Caranua Strategic Plan 2017 – 2019