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CEO Statement 28th August 2020

Caranua was set up to provide funding supports to survivors of institutional abuse from a limited fund provided by religious congregations. As the Fund is nearly expended the work of Caranua is coming to an end.

Caranua distributed more than 56,518 funding support payments to over 6,158 survivors of institutional abuse. In 2019 the average amount of funding supports provided to individual survivors was €13,651.

Over two years ago in May 2018, Caranua announced plans for the orderly wind-down of the organisation. In early 2019, Caranua began contacting survivors to discuss their person-centred timeline for completion of their applications.

Caranua continues to support survivors with open applications to access the maximum funding supports available to them within the guidelines. Completion dates have been discussed with survivors. Caranua is fully engaged with survivor support groups and other stakeholders on this matter and the information is on our website.

Caranua does not receive public funding and must carefully manage the Fund to ensure there is no overspend.

Caranua takes a flexible approach towards survivor’s applications however, with limited funds remaining, survivors understand that funding supports services provided by Caranua will no longer be available.

To protect the privacy of survivors, Caranua does not comment on individual cases however, we take the welfare of survivors very seriously and would advise anyone alleging knowledge of abuse to notify relevant authorities.