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Dear Survivors – December Update

Updated 5th December 2019

Dear Survivors,

As previously advised, Caranua has almost finished its work providing funding supports to the Survivors of Institutional Abuse. Caranua has received confirmation of the final payment of €1,571 million from the Congregation of the Christian Brothers. 

The full €110 million as set out in the Residential Institutions Statutory Fund Act 2012 has now been received.  Caranua continues to distribute the remainder of the fund to meet the funding support needs of existing applications by eligible survivors in line with the organisation’s existing wind-down plan. 

Caranua is reviewing how to equitably allocate any potential surplus of the Fund to eligible Survivors of Institutional abuse who have not yet availed of funding supports.

If you have any questions about this information please do not hesitate to contact Caranua by calling the Freephone number 1800 212 477, if you cannot get through please leave a message and one of our team will call you back. You can also write to us at Caranua, PO Box 12477, Dublin 1.

Kind regards,



Rachel Downes CEO