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€38.6 million spent on services

Updates on statistics relating to the Caranua application process are published monthly. This is the December 2015 update

This update gives information on applications to Caranua, and payments made since we opened for applications in January 2014. We have now:

  • Made 21,304 payments to 2,679 people
  • Received applications for services from over 3,689 people
  • Paid out over €38.6 million

The rest of this update provides more information on our application process and our progress in meeting the needs of people who apply to us.

How many people can apply?

To be eligible to apply to Caranua, a person must have spent time in an institution as a child, and received an award through settlement, Court or the Residential Institutions Redress Board. An estimated 15,000 people received such awards and may be eligible to apply to us. Our Application Form Part 1 allows us to check whether someone can apply. Once we receive the form, we usually do this in ten working days.

To the end of November we have:

  • Received 4998 Part 1 applications
  • Verified 4804 people as eligible
  • Confirmed that 97 people are not eligible

How many people have made applications for services?

Once someone is eligible to apply, we must be sure that they are who they say they are and we do this by checking identity documents. 4804 people have been asked for identity documents.  Once these have been verified, we invite people to make an application. We have received and verified identification documents for 4352 people.

For the 4352 people eligible for Part 2 of the process, we have:

  • Sent application forms to all of them
  • Received forms back from 3689 people
  • Spoken to 3289 people
  • Made payments to 2679 people(73% of those who sent us back their Part 2 form)


Payments and spend (to end of December 2015)

To the end of December 2015 we had spent €38.6 million on services as follows:

Applications Value by Category Type Cumulative
Health €9.5 million
Housing €28.1 million
Education €861,967.00
Exceptional Needs €52,371.00
Total Value of Applications Paid €38.6 million