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€75.3 million spent on services

€75.3 million spent on services

We publish regular updates on applications to Caranua and this one provides information to the 31st August 2018

We have now:

  • Received Part 1 applications from 6,528 people
  • Confirmed eligibility for 5,910
  • Number of Survivors with current open applications 2,654
  • Number of Survivors awaiting initial assignment: 334

How many people can apply?

To be eligible to apply to Caranua, a person must have spent time in an institution as a child, and received an award through settlement, Court or the Residential Institutions Redress Board. Our Application Form Part 1 allows us to check whether someone can apply. Once we receive the form, we usually do this in ten working days. The number of Part 1 applications received up to the 31st August 2018 is 6,528. Of these 5,910 survivors have been deemed eligible to apply.

Current Status of Applications

After an applicant is deemed eligible to apply, we ask them for identification documents. Once their identification documents are verified, the next step is that they are allocated an Application Advisor, who will work with them on their application for services.

As at the 31st August 2018, there were 334 survivors who have yet to receive services, who are waiting to be assigned an Advisor. There are currently 2,654 survivors working with an Advisor, over 2,200 are first time applicants. There are 143 people, who have already received services and who have submitted a reapplication, who are waiting to be assigned an Application Advisor.

Status Summary Subtotal
Number of Survivors with current open applications 2,654

First application = 2,259
Repeat 1 = 365
Repeat 2 = 25
Repeat 3 = 5

Waiting first time assignment 334
Waiting repeat assignment 143


973 survivors assigned to an application advisor in 2018

Complaints made to Caranua 

Feedback received 2018 

Payments and spend (to end of August 2018)

To the end of August 2018, we had spent €75.3 million on services as follows:

Applications Value by Category Type Cumulative
Health €20.1 million
Housing €53.7 million
Education €1.31 million
Exceptional Needs €0.2 million
Total Value of Applications Paid €75.3 million