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€93.5 million spent on services for Survivors

€93.5 million spent on services for Survivors

€93.5 million spent on services

We publish regular updates on applications to Caranua and this one provides information to 29th February 2020.

We have now received:

Received Part 1 Applications from 6,634 applicants

Confirmed Eligibility for 6,147

Number of survivors with current open applications: 344

Number of survivors applications completed in 2020: 86

Current Status of Fund:

Caranua operate within a limited fund of €110,000,000. To date Caranua have received funding of €111,382,011 (including interest). 

In May 2018, the Board of Caranua made a decision to cease taking new or repeat applications after 1st August 2018. This decision was made by considering the Department of Education and Skill’s Review on Eligibility, the expenditure of the fund to date and the estimation of future possible expenditure of the limited Fund provided to Caranua to support survivors.

As the fund is now nearing the end, Caranua are currently winding down operations. The aim is to minimise the operation costs of Caranua (which as per the legislation must be met from the Fund) and thereby maximising the remaining fund for survivors. As there is no additional funding available to Caranua, we have to operate within the funding available and any continuation of operations beyond the planned wind-down date will have an impact on the funding supports available to survivors. Caranua will not accept any additional paperwork after August 2019.

The length of the timeline given to a survivor to complete their application depended on a number of areas, for example;

  • How long had their application been open with Caranua
  • The funding supports received to date?
  • The ability of the individual survivor to manage their application process.

Payments and Spend to end of February 2020

To the end of February 2020 €93.5 million had been spent on funding supports for survivors and €12.3 million on operational costs. This gives an overall expenditure of €105.8 million.

Since 2014 Caranua has made funding supports payments on 55,626 applications for survivors and 1,267 unsuccessful letters were sent when either the request for funding support was refused or eligibility was not proven.

Applications Value by Category Type Cumulative
Health €25,338,604
Housing €66,450,376
Education €  1,395,284
Exceptional Needs €     326,980
Grand Total €93,511,245

February information funding supports

In February 172 survivors received 473 funding support payments and no unsuccessful letters were sent.


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