Decisions made by a Caranua Decision Maker can be appealed to the independent Caranua Appeals Officer appointed by the Minister for Education and Skills.

These decisions include:

  • a decision on an application made by an eligible former residents for assistance and
  • a decision that a person is not a former resident eligible to apply under the scheme

The legislation that Caranua was established under, the Residential Institutions Statutory Fund Act (Section 30), determines that all administrative, staff, overheads, expenses and all other costs, including the costs of the Appeals Officer, are paid from the Fund.

How do I appeal?

If you are unhappy with a Decision Maker’s decision you should appeal within 30 days of the Decision Maker giving notice in writing of a decision being made.

You must make your appeal in writing and include all of the following documents:

  • A copy of the decision of the Caranua Decision Maker that is being appealed;
  • A full statement setting out your name, address and the grounds on which the appeal is being made. This statement should set out your case fully, explaining why you believe the decision is wrong;
  • Any other relevant documents; and
  • A list of all documents being submitted.

These documents should be sent by post to:

The Caranua Appeals Officer,
c/o Department of Education and Skills,
Co. Westmeath.

OR by email to

What decisions can the Appeals Officer make?

The Appeals Officer can:

  • Confirm the Decision Maker’s decision;
  • Revoke that decision and replace it with a decision he/she considers appropriate; or
  • Refer the matter back to the Decision Maker for reconsideration in accordance with such directions as he/she considers appropriate.
Is the Appeals Officer’s decision final?

The Appeals Officer’s decision can be appealed to the High Court by the appellant or by Caranua but only on a point of law. Any such appeal to the High Court must be made no later than 28 days after receipt of the Appeals Officer’s decision.

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