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Letter to survivors from Rachel Downes CEO

Dear Survivors,

The Board and staff of Caranua are committed to supporting and advocating on your behalf, while ensuring that we follow our organisational values, which are:

  • Survivors needs first: We put the needs of survivors at the heart of everything we do
  • Compassion and respect: We believe survivors are entitled to compassion, respect and dignity
  • Open and fair: We will be open and fair in our dealings
  • Confidentiality: We respect and promote the right to privacy and confidentiality of anyone in contact with us
  • Authenticity: We will be honest about what we can and cannot do
  • Equality: We are impartial and offer equal access to anyone using our services
  • Excellence: Caranua strives to achieve excellence and high quality in everything we do and make best use of the Fund
  • Partnership: Caranua works on building and maintaining relationships with key stakeholders including survivor support groups and other voluntary and public bodies to ensure that survivors get services of real benefit.

We want you to know that these are not just words and that the Board and staff of Caranua take these values seriously.

We ask that if during your dealings with Caranua you experience behaviour not in keeping with these values that you please use our online Feedback & Complaints Form  or email or call the following Freephone numbers ROI: 1800 212 477 Freephone UK:  0808 234 1303 and say you have a complaint and we will look into the matter on your behalf.

Best wishes,

Rachel Downes

CEO (Acting)