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Parliamentary Questions – 25 June 2015

Below are questions asked by TDs in Dáil Éireann, relating to Caranua and other areas relevant to survivors

Review of Caranua

Deputy Clare Daly asked the Minister for Education and Skills when she plans to carry out a review of the Caranua scheme; the format of that review; the likely timeframe for its completion, in view of the large number of survivors who have raised their concerns regarding their wish to have their children included as beneficiaries of the scheme. 

Minister for Education and Skills (Deputy Jan O’Sullivan): Eligibility for assistance from Caranua is confined to those who received awards from the Redress Board or equivalent Court awards or settlements. This approach was taken having regard to the maximum funds available of €110 million and a potential pool of some 15,000 applicants. I intend to consider the question of a review of the arrangements relating to eligibility later this year by which time a clearer picture should have emerged regarding the uptake of the funding available.