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Parliamentary Questions – 27th June 2017

Below are questions asked in the Oireachtas, relating to Caranua and other areas relevant to survivors

Schools Property

Deputy Richard Boyd Barrett  asked the Minister for Education and Skills his plans to question the Christian Brothers in respect of a college (details supplied) regarding the requirement and justification for a sale of lands reported to be to the value of €18 million in view of the fact that the Christian Brothers’ debt to the redress scheme is just below €9 million; if he has inquired as to the way in which the balance of the money will be used in the event of the sale going ahead; and if he will make a statement on the matter.

Minister for Education and Skills (Deputy Richard Bruton): The Department became aware of the decision by the Congregation of Christian Brothers to sell lands owned by the Congregation.

In its correspondence in early May last, the Congregation advised that it was its intention to use part of the proceeds of the land disposal to meet its outstanding redress contribution relating to the voluntary offer it made in 2009 in response to the findings of the Ryan Report.

The Department has advised the Board of Management of the College which uses the land that it is not privy to the deliberations within the Congregation on why these particular lands were selected for disposal.

It is a matter for the Congregation as to how their commitment to the Redress Fund is met.

The Department has written to the Congregation seeking clarification on a number of points including whether the land in question is now subject of a legally binding agreement with a builder. The Congregation have replied indicating that they will respond in the coming weeks.

Residential Institutions Redress Scheme Eligibility

Deputy John McGuinness asked the Minister for Education and Skills if the case of a person (details supplied) can be considered by the redress scheme; and if he will expedite this matter.

Minister for Education and Skills (Deputy Richard Bruton): he Residential Institutions Redress Scheme was established under the Residential Institutions Redress Act 2002 to administer a redress scheme to persons who as children were abused in any of 139 scheduled institutions. Awards under the scheme were made following applications from and evidence provided by the survivors, including evidence of having been a resident in one or more of these institutions and evidence of injury arising out of abuse suffered while in residence.

The original closing date for applications was 16 December 2005. The Act allowed the Residential Institutions Redress Board to accept applications after that date in exceptional circumstances. The Board’s power to accept late application submissions ceased on 16 September 2011 in accordance with the provisions of the Residential Institutions Redress (Amendment) Act 2011. The September 2011 date was almost 6 years after the original closing date.

While the redress scheme has been closed since September 2011, victims of abuse, like other injured persons, may bring personal injury cases for compensation through the courts for the injuries and loss they have suffered.

 Residential Institutions Redress Scheme

Deputy Catherine Connolly asked the Minister for Education and Skills further to Parliamentary Question No. 509 of 20 June 2017, the details and value of all contracts received for ministerial approval from Caranua; the date on which each application was received by his Department; the effective date of each contract, in tabular form; and if he will make a statement on the matter.

Minister for Education and Skills (Deputy Richard Bruton): The information requested by the Deputy is being compiled and will be forwarded to her when available. 

Residential Institutions Statutory Fund Board

Deputy Catherine Connolly asked the Minister for Education and Skills the status of the review of Caranua; the names and positions of those undertaking the review; the process and criteria for their selection; the timeline for the completion of the review; the form the review is to take; the terms of reference for the review; and if he will make a statement on the matter.

Minister for Education and Skills (Deputy Richard Bruton): The terms of reference for the review are being finalised and will be in the public domain shortly.  It is envisaged that the initial phase of the review will be conducted by an economist on secondment to my Department from the Irish Government Economic and Evaluation Service and that this initial phase will be concluded before the end of the summer.