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Parliamentary Questions – 31 March 2015

Below are questions asked by TDs in Dáil Éireann, relating to Caranua

Contribution by religious congregations to redress schemes

Deputy Jonathan O’Brien asked the Minister for Education and Skills if she will provide an update on the 18 religious congregations contributing towards the cost of the redress scheme for victims of abuse in residential institutions; and the amount of money awarded to date. 

Minister for Education and Skills (Deputy Jan O’Sullivan): Under the 2002 Indemnity Agreement, the 18 participating religious congregations are contributing €128m in cash, counselling services and property. The cash contributions of €54.42m under the Indemnity Agreement have been received. These contributions include collective contributions from the congregations. Of the €54.42m cash, €12.7m was earmarked for former residents and their relatives in the form of grants to assist them access educational services. This money was expended via the now dissolved Education Finance Board while the remaining €41.72m and the associated interest, i.e. a sum of €42.259m, has been expended on the Redress Scheme. At the end of 2014, payments totalling some €1.2 billion had been made on Redress Board awards and associated costs. In response to the call for further substantial contributions towards the costs of redress made in the aftermath of the publication of the Ryan Report, the congregations made offers which they valued at €348.51m, including cash, property and other elements. Subsequent offers and the value of a particular property offer amounted to €4.1m, bringing the total contribution offers to €352.61m. As the Deputy will be aware, the Government agreed to use €110m, the cash contributions, to fund the Residential Institutions Statutory Fund.To date, some €81.6m, comprising post Ryan Report contributions from congregations, associated interest and cash from property disposals has been lodged to the special investment account opened by the National Treasury Management Agency pursuant to the Residential Institution Statutory Act, 2012. I understand that a further €9m is expected to be contributed by congregations between now and 2018 while another congregation is providing the proceeds of property disposals as they arise. I have been advised by the Christian Brothers that the Congregation is reviewing its assets and liabilities and will be contacting me on completion of this review regarding its outstanding contribution offer of €20m. Work is underway on the transfer of those properties offered by the congregations in the aftermath of the publication of the Ryan Report which were accepted in principle and work is continuing to finalise the arrangements in relation to the properties under the 2002 Indemnity Agreement.