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Tuam Mother and Baby Home

There has been public outcry over revelations that 796 babies died in a mother and baby home in Tuam in Galway from 1925 to 1961, and were possibly buried in a septic tank.

Below are links to some articles and blog posts on this issue:

Catherine Corless: Much of the information on this has come from the work of Tuam historian Catherine Corless. Catherine set up a facebook page that can be found by searching for ‘Mother/Baby Home Research’ on facebook. There is a synopsis of the research and essay she wrote on this issue, on facebook at

Liam Hogan is an Historian & Librarian in Limerick, and has a twitter account at @Limerick1914. He compiled an archive of pictures and newspaper extracts from the time the Tuam Mother and Baby Home was in operation, that can be viewed at

Articles on the issue are available at these links (click on title to be redirected to the newspaper’s website):

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