Applying for services: Everything you need to know about applying for support from Caranua

When you are verified as being eligible to apply to Caranua you can apply for services. There is more information on this here.

When you have been deemed eligible to apply to Caranua you will receive an application pack. This contains an Application Form Part 2 and our Applying for Services document, which tells you everything you need to know about making an application. Every applicant will be assigned an Advisor to help with their application. 

What will the Advisor do?

The Advisor will:

  • Get to know what you need by listening to you and ensuring that all your needs are considered
  • Look at ways of meeting needs that we are not able to help with by making suggestions, link you to other services where you live, and advocate on your behalf with public services, so that you get what you are entitled to from them
  • Help you to complete your application by dealing with public bodies on your behalf (like the council if you need housing support), working with you to get all the information we need, and making arrangements for professional assessments so that you don’t have to do this yourself
  • Write to you to let you know what has been approved and when and how you will get payment.
I have received an Application Form Part 2 in the post.  Do I need to send it back?

If it is the old Application Form Part 2 you should send it back to us.  The old form looks like this:

If the form you received is the new one, you don’t have to send it back to us, we will call you. The new form looks like this:

If you know what you want and are happy to fill in the form, you can do this and return it to us.

Why is there a difference between the Application Forms?

Caranua changed our application process on the 1st of June. For more information on this, click here.

My Form is the old one but I’m worried I’m not filling it out properly. What should I do?

Please don’t worry about filling out the form.  If you just fill in your contact details and sign the declaration, we will contact you and talk you through the application.  These forms are at the back of the Application Form Part 2 on page 17 and 18.

My Form is the new one.  What am I supposed to do with it?

You will have received a letter with your application explaining that there are two ways to make an application. You can choose to not send us back in an application form, and an Advisor will contact you and discuss your needs with you, and tell you what documentation you need to send us.

Or, you can choose to fill out the application form yourself. In this case, you need to send the form back, and make sure to include all the necessary documentation. There is more information on this in the Applying for Services booklet.

I am a new applicant and I need a service that I cannot find in the new updated application form part 2.  Can I apply for it?

If you need something and it is not in the booklet, please tell your Application Advisor and they can discuss it with you. If you are filling in the form yourself and you have a question about what you can apply for, please contact us.

Will my application be dealt with quicker if I send back the new Form myself?

Not necessarily.  We deal with applications in date order.  So you will placed in a queue according to the date that we sent you the Application Pack.

What services are covered?

Caranua can pay for services that address your needs, in the areas of health, housing and education. In general we will only pay for services that are not readily available to you from public bodies. We are here to add to services that are already available, not to replace them. There is more information on what you can apply for in the Application Form Part 2.

How is my application assessed?

Whether you send your application directly yourself, or you make an application through an Advisor, it will be assessed by an Advisor using the following checklist.


  • Are the services included in the Application Form Part 2?
  • Are the services relevant and appropriate to your needs, taking account of your age, health and other circumstances, and likely impact on your quality of life and wellbeing?
  • Do the professional recommendations clearly support the application – do they clearly set out what the need is and how the proposed service will address that need?
  • Are the treatment plans reasonable given your needs?


  • Are quoted costs reasonable and in keeping with guide rates used by public bodies such as health services and local authorities?
  • Is the service already available through a public provider such as a local authority, public education body or health service?
  • Are the service providers qualified and approved by Caranua?
  • In the case of housing works, is there evidence of ownership or tenancy and permission from a landlord for the proposed work?
  • Are the costs within the guide limits?
Are the guide limits in the booklets very strict? The booklet says the limit for teeth and dental is €5,000 but I think I will need a lot of work done.

There is flexibility around the guide limits set out in the Application Form Part 2. However, the value of services approved cannot exceed €15,000 or £12,000 per applicant. Your Application Advisor will discuss this with you in greater detail.

I want to get household goods for my home, will Caranua help with this?

Household goods are available under the 2016 guidelines only. Although the Caranua booklet says a limit of €2,000/£1,500 will apply, the Board of Caranua made a decision at their meeting on 26th February 2019 that you can avail of funding supports for household goods up to €5,000. The Board also made the decision that flexibility would not apply for household goods. As with all applications, if there is a proven evidence based exceptional need (e.g. housing provision after homelessness, extreme damage to the home) the application will be reviewed with flexibility in mind. You will be asked to provide proof of the exceptional need.

Does the Advisor make the final decision on my application?

When the Advisor has completed the assessment of your application, they will make a recommendation to the Deciding Officer on what should and should not be supported.

How will I know if my application was approved?

Your Advisor will let you know what the decision is.

Does Caranua give priority if you have special circumstances?

Yes, in some instances Caranua will prioritise some applications, this is usually when applicants are over 70 or if we have been notified that someone is seriously ill. If you are very ill, please contact us with this information.

Questions on specific services

It would really help my wellbeing if I had a car to get around.  Why can’t I?

We can’t pay for cars or other vehicles because they are not included in our criteria.  We can help with local travel by public transport.

My bank is going to put me out of my house because I owe money.  Can I get help with this?

No, we can’t pay for housing costs like rent or mortgages, or debts as this is not allowed under our founding legislation.

I am waiting for a hospital appointment for a hip replacement for a long time.  Can Caranua help with this?

We can certainly find out how long it will be before you get seen and in some circumstances we can pay for a consultation if this helps to speed things up.  We don’t pay for private hospital treatment though.

I’d like to paint my house and get a new cooker.  Is this allowed?

It depends on when you applied and whether you are with the old or the new system. You are eligible for the new system if you applied after 1st June 2016, or if you have received services valued at less than €15,000. Please contact us and we can give you more information on whether you are eligible for the new system. For information on contacting us click here

What I really want is help with my heating bills.  Why can’t I have this?

Heating is an ongoing cost and we are not able to pay for it.  We can only support the items that are listed in our Guidelines and Application Forms.

My son has a disability and I want to adapt my car so he can get in and out.  Is this allowed?

We can only provide services to the people who are eligible to apply to us.  As you son is not eligible, it is not possible for us to do this.  We could advise you though on what might be available through your public health service.

What about getting a CCTV system?

We can pay for alarms for your home but not for CCTV.

I’d like my house to be repointed, can you do that?

No, this is outside the scope of what we can do.

My house is old and the electrics are not good.  Can you help with that?

No we don’t cover electrical repairs.

I’m living in a house that is tumbling down. Can Caranua do it up and make it possible for me to live there?

No, Caranua can only help with minor repairs and adaptations where these are necessary.  We cannot support major repairs or renovations.

I live in a caravan and it was burnt down, can Caranua replace it?

We can’t replace a caravan but we could advocate on your behalf with the local authority who may be able to help with a replacement.

I’m finding it hard to get in and out of my bath, could you help with a walk in shower?

If this is something that is recommended and necessary we can certainly consider it, subject to costs being reasonable and other conditions.

What about heating?  My house is very cold and it costs a lot to heat.

We can certainly consider improving, fixing or replacing your heating system to improve its efficiency.  What we can do will depend on the problem and what the solution is to that problem, so the situation will need to be assessed first.

I’m attending a class in Dublin and I live in Tipperary.  Will you pay travel costs?

No, we can only pay for local travel.

I am looking at options of doing a part-time or long-distance course in college. Can Caranua support this, or is it only full-time courses?

Yes, Caranua can support part-time and long-distance courses, as well as full-time education courses.

Your booklet says I can only have one private health consultation per 12 month period. What if I need more than one?

You can discuss your health needs with your Application Advisor, and we may be able to support one than one consultation, depending on your needs.

The new guidelines lists Household Goods – are we limited to what is listed in the accompanying Booklet?

No, flexibility is important. We have not listed all possibilities, for examples items such as Remote Control Curtains designed for people with disabilities are not listed in the booklet. Please talk to your Advisor or contact us if you have a specific query.

I am looking to purchase a warranty for the fridge I purchased.  Will you pay for the warranty?

Following feedback received from survivors and to be as responsive as we can to the needs of people who apply to us the Board of Caranua decided that, where required, we can pay for warranties for white goods, for example: fridges, dishwasher, washing machine, cooker, dryer (on the day of purchase).

A shop may ask if you’d like to purchase a warranty (or extended warranty) when you are buying a product from them. It is similar to an insurance policy and normally protects you from having to pay for repairs if the item you bought breaks or becomes faulty within the period covered by the warranty.

Further information on Warranties can be found on the Competition and Consumer Protection Commission (CCPC)  website here:

The CCPC is responsible for enforcing competition and consumer protection laws across the economy. To help consumers make informed decisions it also gives independent, unbiased information about consumer rights and personal finance products and service through its consumer helpline 1890 432 432 and consumer website