Making payments

Once an application has been approved, a payment will be made. Here is some more information on how payments are made

How can the service be paid for?

We can pay by cheque or bank transfer to your bank account or that of the supplier. You will discuss the best option for payment with your Advisor.

Will the person providing the service know that Caranua is paying for it?

If you don’t want the person providing the service to know that Caranua is paying for the service, we can make payment by cheque.  Cheques are issued by a third party company and cannot be traced back to us.

How long will it take for payment to be processed?

It will take 20 working days (4 weeks) for cheques to be issued, once payment has been approved by your Advisor. Payments are quicker using bank transfer, however the person being will know Caranua is involved if bank transfer is used.

If I pay for a service now, can I get the money back from Caranua later?

We can’t refund the cost of services where we haven’t approved them though so please make sure that you go through the application process before you spend any money. If we have approved the service and you pay for it, we can refund the cost, providing that you have valid receipts.