Identity Documents

Here are questions and answers to them, on sending in your identity documents

When do I send identification documents?

You can send in your identity documents when you send in your Part 1 Application Form or you can wait until we ask for them, after we have verified that you are eligible to apply.

Why do you need identity documents?

We need this to be sure that no one else is making an application in your name.

What type of documents do you need?

We need photographic identity and proof of address.  Examples of these are:

Photographic identification (only a photocopy is needed):

  • Free travel pass
  • Valid photo card driving licence or provisional driving licence
  • Armed forces ID card
  • Full passport.

Proof of address (only a photocopy is needed):

  • Recent utility bill such as a gas, electricity or telephone bill
  • A medical card issued by your national public health service
  • Notification letter from national tax authority
  • Rent card or rent book from the equivalent of local authority or council
  • Original notification letter from the Government agency that deals with welfare payments.
What happens when I send you the identity documents?

Once we receive your verification of identity, we will contact with you within 10 working days to confirm it has been received. If we need more information we will ask you for this at this stage.

If we have all the documentation we need, you will receive a letter confirming this from Caranua.

I think I’m eligible to apply to Caranua, but I don’t have a permanent address so won’t be able to send in the identification documents

If you have any concerns over the identification documents, please contact us. We have come across many different situations where applicants have had trouble getting photo ID, or proof of address, but we always try to find a solution. For example, someone who knows you (such as a key worker) could sign a declaration stating that you are who you say you are.