Appealing decisions

You can appeal decisions on eligibility and approved services. There is more information on this, in this section.

What happens if you are not verified as eligible?

If it seems that you are not eligible, we will contact you to make sure that we are not missing information on your situation. If we are satisfied that there is no evidence that you are eligible, we will write to you to let you know this. At the same time, we will advise you that you can appeal this finding and explain how to go about this.

I was told I cannot get a service I applied for. Can I appeal?

If any of the items that you have applied for are not approved, you will receive a letter providing information on what was not approved and why it was not approved. We will also send you information on how to appeal against the decision.

Is the Appeals Office connected to Caranua?

The appeals process is completely independent of Caranua and an information leaflet on the process will be sent to you if we refuse to support something that you have applied for. We will also send you an extra copy of the letter so that you can send this to the Appeals Officer.

The email address for the Appeals Officer is

The postal address is:

Department of Education and Skills
Co Westmeath