Service provider and supporting documentation

We will need professional recommendations, in addition to quotes and invoices in order to pay for services. There is more information on this here.

Do I choose my own service provider or supplier?

Yes. All providers and suppliers must be qualified, registered with the relevant professional or accrediting body, compliant with tax and other laws and regulations and approved by Caranua. A service provider can never be a relative or a friend

My Advisor says I need to get quotes. Why?

We will need quotes for all suppliers in the following circumstances:

  • Where the cost is less than €1,000/£800 or other currency equivalent, we need one quote
  • Where the cost is between €1,000/£800 and €5,000/£4,000, we need two quotes. For amounts above this, we need three quotes
  • Where the cost is over €10,000 the supplier must provide a tax clearance certificate

What should be in a quote or invoice?

Quotes, invoices and receipts must be printed on official paper and must be received within three months of the date of issue. It must also contain the following:

  • Your name, address, telephone number and date of birth
  • The supplier’s name, address, contact details, VAT registration number, membership of relevant trade or professional organisation
  • An itemised description of the work to be undertaken
  • Information on the materials to be used
  • A statement as to why the work is necessary

Why do I need to keep receipts?

We require receipts for all services that we pay for. This can be in the form of a receipt or an invoice marked paid. If we do not receive receipts from you, you may be subject to audit by Caranua.

My Advisor says I need a professional recommendation.  Why do I need this?

We need to be sure that what we pay for is the right service for you and that your needs have been properly assessed.

Who pays for the recommendation?

Where we require a professional recommendation we will pay for this, once it has been agreed with your Advisor.

Why do you need evidence that I am the legal owner or tenant of my house?

We need to be sure that property we are approving works for is the property that you live in, that this is your sole residence and that you are legally entitled to carry out works on it.  We can accept property deeds, an official letter from a landlord, rent receipts or rent book, or evidence of property tax or rates payment as evidence.

Why do I need permission from the local authority or my landlord if housing works are being carried out?

If you are renting, you must have written permission from your landlord (council, housing association) to carry out repairs or improvements as the landlord is the owner of the property and we need to know that the work is necessary and acceptable.

Can I get housing works if I am renting from a private landlord?

We cannot pay for structural repairs if you are renting from a private landlord but you could apply for household goods.

What if something goes wrong with the supplier?

The contract for services is between the applicant and the service provider. Caranua’s role is to provide payment and Caranua is not liable for any issues that may arise, for example regarding the quality of service provided.

Why do I need to get a grant, why can’t Caranua pay for it?

In general, we will only pay for services that are not readily available to you from public bodies. We are here to add to services that are already available, not to replace them. Where public grants, social insurance payments or tax relief are available you must apply for these and they will be deducted from the payments we make.

Does Caranua have a fraud policy?

Yes, we have a fraud policy. We will investigate any suspected instances of fraud or false or misleading information. Any cases of fraud will be reported to the police and criminal proceedings may follow. You will be disqualified from making further applications and Caranua may reclaim any payments already made to you.

Do service providers need to know Caranua are involved?

There is no need for you to tell a supplier or anyone else that you are receiving assistance from Caranua. Any information that you give to Caranua, for any purpose, will be treated in the strictest of confidence. If we need to share information about you with another body, we will ask you to sign our Permission to Share Form.